ORIGINAL CONTENT. A Candid Covid-19 Conversation with Dr. Karen Patrusky, founder of Voilà Intimate Mood Oil

Is intimacy safe in the COVID-19 era?

The corona virus has certainly impacted intimacy.  But there is a way to be intimate and safe. Your safest partner is you and your next best bet is someone who you are in quarantine with.  If you are both adhering to the social distancing guidelines, have not had close contact with someone who has had a known COVID positive test  and neither one of you have any symptoms of the virus then sharing a bed and getting real close should not be an issue.

What is my partner has had COVID, when can we be intimate again?

You need to skip sex, and any close contact for that matter.  If either you or your partner are ill then that person should self quarantine.  Precautions should be taken to keep surfaces clean.  It is best to wash the clothing and linens separately, often  and carefully.  Proper hand hygiene is important.  Contact, including intimacy can resume 14 days after the symptoms have resolved.

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