ORIGINAL CONTENT. Sex, Love & Covid. Answers to your most personal questions during the Covid-19 Era.

QUESTION: I am so anxious to be intimate during this time, is there anything that I can do?                              

ANSWER FROM DR. PATRUSKY: 6 feet of social distance can certainly make traditional sex impossible.  But feeling anxious is okay and there are lots of ways to have fun until your stress level is reduced-masturbation, phone sex and use of toys and lubricant can be an alternate way to get your sexy on!                                                                    

QUESTION: What if I am just not feeling it right now?  What if I am scared? What if I just don’t feel sexy?

ANSWER FROM DR. PATRUSKY: Not “being in the mood right now” can be very normal.  We all respond to stress differently and the pandemic is certainly a reason to feel psychological stress. When we feel stressed our libido diminishes. It also may seem contradictory and confusing to be socially distant and then have sex. Sometimes stress can wreak havoc with hormones and that can diminish libido as well decrease natural vaginal lubrication as well.
Also, our exercise, eating, beauty and hygiene regimens have changed. This may make us feel unsexy as well. The question is how can we embrace these changes and find an organic way to enjoy ourselves again. In fact, once you and your partner do self-motivate to be intimate, it can help improve the relationship and reduce the feeling of loneliness and isolation. It may make the day to day doldrums of being roommates even better!

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