Why is sex sometimes painful?

The main reason why sex is painful is because the vagina feels dry or irritated.  This can be for no reason at all or it can be due to stress, dehydration, medications or it can be due to hormonal changes such as menopause or hormonal contraceptives. Female sexuality is a complex process that involves desire, arousal, lubrication and satisfaction. Once pain is experienced with sex then woman are less inclined to want to engage in the act. Nobody wants to electively participate in something painful. Once this occurs the emotional component of intimacy is blemished, as well as the physical response.   

How does Voilà help improve sexual function?

Voila is an all-natural, hormone free product that is designed to moisturize and lubricate the vaginal tissues. The result is intimacy that is more comfortable and more satisfying.

How is Voilà different than other lubricants?

Many couples desire lube to enhance sex. Many commercial brands don’t work well or can be irritating. When you can’t pronounce the ingredients then my advice is to take pause and think about what you are putting on and in your body. Voilà is an all-natural product with a lot of staying power. It makes penetrative sex easier and better and skin to skin contact more satisfying.

Why is vaginal dryness more common in women who are menopausal?

Once a woman enters menopause, hormone levels change. The result can be associated with a variety of symptoms. Common symptoms associated with menopause are hot flushes, mood disruptions and diminished libido. The diminished libido is often due to painful sex as a result of decreased elasticity and dryness.  

How do I know which mood oil is right for me?

The beauty about Voilà is that there is no right or wrong. Each formula is meant to delight all of your senses based on how you are feeling. The common thread in each formulation is to enhance pleasure.