Sex had become so painful that I was avoiding it, which put a strain on my marriage. I tried Voilà hoping to make it easier and more enjoyable. It exceeded my expectations! For the first time in years, sex is wonderful. I don’t avoid it anymore!. S.D.


After my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, I was put into early menopause.  I was struggling with so many uncomfortable physical  changes and my sex life was suffering because of early menopause. I tried every over the counter product without success and I was not going to put hormones into my body.  Dr. Patrusky gave me samples of Voilà and my life changed.  My love life is better than ever and my relationship even stronger.  —A.C.


Voilà revitalized my intimacy and made my marriage sexy again."  L.A.


“I love the gems. I use them a few times a week for personal hygiene and care. My vagina feels healthier, less dry and irritated.  —L.S.


"I have tried every 'mood' and love the way it makes me feel." M.C.