5 Sex Life Solutions from Voilà


1. Add spice to your love life- don’t fall into the same routine, that can create boredom. Keep it EXCITING by trying a different place or time, perhaps a new position.

2. Of course you and your partner are tired at the end of a busy day, but prioritize your relationship and carve out time for romance. This can add a CALM to your day

3. Sometimes sex is painful because the mind and the body are not in synch, this is especially true for a menopausal woman.  Don’t avoid the problem, address it. Here’s a news FLASH, lubrication can help prime the vagina and cure painful sex.

4. If it has been a while since you have been intimate with your partner, sometimes you need to SOOTHE your mind body and spirit.

5. Sometimes the love connection is right, things are organic and you just want to make the connection that much better, make it PURE.

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