Lube for Life

Before kids:

When you are young, adventurous, playful and flirty, using lubricant for sexual pleasure and enhancement is just plain fun! Why not squeeze, squirt, rub or insert some lube when you you are with a partner or own your own?! Using an all natural, organic product is a great way to elevate your sexual enjoyment. Keep in mind however, oil based lubricants may diminish the effectiveness of latex condoms.

After childbirth:

Women who are nursing their babies, can experience pain in the perineal area (the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum). A lubricant or moisturizer in this area can be enormously helpful. It can help improve the elasticity of the tissues and decrease the friction upon penetration and that will make sex more comfortable.

After that certain age:

As we age, sex for many women can become more uncomfortable, if not downright painful. This is due to physical changes that result from menopause. The hormone estrogen decreases and the result is decreased elasticity and lubrication of the vagina. Many of my patients have found that an all-natural lubricant can ease the discomfort and add back the sexual enjoyment.

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