Spice Up Your Sex Life

We get it. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood. Between young kids, aging parents, playful pups and 12-hour workdays, it is hard to schedule sex into your calendar. And, why would you want to have sex anyway, when you can just hop on the Peloton and get a great cardio workout and binge watch Netflix to see some real happy endings. But, we all know deep down inside, we gotta have sex. With our partner, our spouse, our loved one, ourselves--even if we are just too damn tired, stressed or unhinged. In the end, it does feel good and can bring you closer to the one you love. So, time to roll over and get down to business. Here are five (V.) sexy suggestions to spice up your sex life – or at least get the juices flowing.

i. Toys + Gadgets. There are so many toys, trinkets, gizmos and gadgets on the market right now, it is hard to keep up with them all. The industry has exploded, with large chain drug stores carrying these new sexy specialty items as well. Combined with the fact that everyone has a personal preference, and some are more adventurous than others, makes selecting the right ‘apparatus’ somewhat overwhelming. You can’t really sample the stuff and bring it back for a full refund! So, do some joint research with your partner on the various types of products in the erotica/femtech space. What do they do (vibrate, pulse, massage, suction), who benefits (you, them, both), how they are used (plug in, pull out, Bluetooth enabled) what are they made of (silicon, gel). Exploring all the options together is just like foreplay and can get you two crazy kids aroused and in the mood — even before the thingy is delivered to your door.

ii.  Lubes + Lotions. Pick your passion. There are lubricants, lotions, oils and potions. And, using them during foreplay and intercourse can be very sexual and satisfying. The actual act of applying these sensual products can be both playful and seductive and can be squeezed, squirted, smothered or smoothed by you or by your partner (and visa versa). Several brands come in a variety of fragrances, flavors and moods, which can add to their titillating appeal. We tend to lean towards the more natural/organic products that quite frankly can be harmlessly absorbed into the body (or even ingested for that matter). Keep in mind that lubricants can diminish the effectiveness of latex condoms so apply liberally, yet safely. Voilà!

iii.  Pics + Porn. We’ve come a long way since the days of provocative pictures in print and then, of course the internet was born. For porn. Sexual visual images in any form may not be for everyone. And well, there are not a lot of award-winning performances out there in the adult film industry. However, sharing a risqué reel together can be an engaging and efficient way to get your steamy on and they are quite literally just one click away. You may however, want to skip the popcorn for this scene.

iv.  Bring on the Romance. We know it may be a little old fashion, but romance is not dead! Dim all the lights, break open the bubbly, shuck up some oysters, slip on something slinky. Maybe not in that order, but certainly taking the time to create a romantic atmosphere can turn those moody blues into some sexy vibes.

v.  Have More Sex. They say the more you have sex, the more you want sex. Nuff said.

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