Lubricant for your Life Stage

After childbirth: Women who are nursing their babies, can experience pain in the perineal area (the tissue between the vaginal opening and the rectum). A lubricant or moisturizer in this area can be enormously helpful. It can help improve the elasticity of the tissues and decrease the friction upon penetration and that will make sex more comfortable.   After that certain age: As we age, sex for many women can become more uncomfortable, if not downright painful. This is due to physical changes that result from menopause. The hormone estrogen decreases and the result is decreased elasticity and lubrication of...

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Sex, Love & Covid. Answers to your most personal questions during the Covid-19 Era.

QUESTION: I am so anxious to be intimate during this time, is there anything that I can do?                               ANSWER FROM DR. PATRUSKY: 6 feet of social distance can certainly make traditional sex impossible.  But feeling anxious is okay and there are lots of ways to have fun until your stress level is reduced-masturbation, phone sex and use of toys and lubricant can be an alternate way to get your sexy on!                                      ...

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Why You Shouldn't Skip Foreplay

Dr. Karen Patrusky was featured as an expert on an article about foreplay in an article on HELLOGIGGLES.COM. “The purpose is to increase the excitement, to get you in the mood, and get your ‘juices flowing’ in anticipation of sex,” says board-certified OB-GYN Dr. Karen Patrusky.   Click here to read the article on

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You should Tailor Your Workouts Around Your Menstrual Cycle

Karen Patrusky, MD, OBGYN and founder of Voila Intimate Mood Oil, was interviewed as an expert for an article on BYRDIE.COM that gives advice on why you should "Cycle Sync" Your Workouts To Decrease PMS Symptoms and Period Pain.  Click here to read the article on

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Female Sexual Dysfunctions: Symptoms, Treatments, and Sexual Health

intimate mood oils Sexual dysfunction

Sex should feel good. When it doesn’t, or when sex is unappealing or unsatisfactory, we tend to go down a shame spiral and shy away from sex out of embarrassment or fear. Suffering in silence only intensifies feelings of isolation, but female sexual dysfunction is something many women deal with. Dr. Patrusky prefaces this statistic by saying these numbers might be underreported because many are hesitant to admit to or discuss this personal frustration. The fact of the matter is, our bodies are working machines operating under a series of systems that can be disrupted by any number of causes....

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